Why does my spine hurt?

Nowadays, we run an extremely sedentional lifestyle. Scientific and technical progress brings a lot of positives, but also, unfortunately, reflects on our health. All facilities lead to a reduction in our physical activity, we spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer, driving a car, and the offices are dominated by elevators. Often, the only movement after work is the way from the kitchen to the living room in front of the TV screen – because constant rush, stress and all that needs to be done on “yesterday” causes that there is no time or strength to move a little. We forget that the movement is LIFE that the muscles disappear from inaction.

Most of our problems result from poor body posture during work – performing the same movements, repeatedly repeated or static position, must have an adverse effect on the health of the spine and the whole body. Forget about these funny schemes from doctors’ surgeries or many popular books from physiotherapy, orthopedics, where increasing loads on the spine are shown when bending down. Do you know that these tests were actually conducted by literally a few people who were hammered the needles into the discs … such was several decades ago. Today, we know that in addition to injuries, immobility and sitting work causes
degeneration of the discs, because they are not properly nourished then. In adults, disc nutrition occurs on the principle of diffusion from the vertebral bodies – but only when we move and the “pump” works, which causes this diffusion (ie spontaneous transport of molecules). Otherwise, the most stupid movement initiates injury in the lumbar region, which when properly treated leads further to protrusions and hernias.

Our vertebral column is additionally protected by a structure called the thoracolumbar fascia and – movement, that is, you need to practice FLEXION MOVEMENT, as well as such forms of activity as: walking, jogging, Nordic walking or running. Of course, not in an acute condition, also swimming will not really change anything, except maybe strengthening the muscle corset, and may harm the classic style. Besides, we do not have gills behind the ears, so … .. Often an additional problem are other diseases related to other body systems. They can give false symptoms and it seems that “it hurts from the spine” and can be quite different. For example, I will give even dysfunction and gall bladder diseases that cause pain projected on the middle part of the thoracic spine and also radiating towards the right shoulder and shoulder blade. Different diseases located in the abdominal cavity – peptic ulcer, colon cancer, abdominal aortic aneurysm – can cause pain in the spine. Therefore, one should always take into account the human body as a whole and look for the real cause of the complaints. It is therefore worth going to a qualified therapist rather than to a pseudo-healer who “presses the spine”, not often inflicting serious contraindications to such treatments